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Ever since we started our company our first customers have been Real Estate professionals of one sort or another.

We understand that timeliness and professionalism are of the utmost importance when it comes to real estate transactions.

Below are some of the common services we provide to our customers.

Nearly every time a tenant or resident vacates a property they are going to leave behind some junk or debris.

When the amount of junk isn’t worth the headache, just call us.

We can manage the removal of junk and debris from homes, apartments, commercial buildings, offices, and warehouses.

We can remove and haul away most items including appliances, furniture, and commercial equipment.

Junk Removal Services
for Property Managers

Not all tenants are courteous when leaving the property. They leave behind all kinds of junk that must be moved before new tenants move in. With all the other responsibilities you have when transitioning tenants the last thing you need is pick up and haul away clutter and junk. Let us help dispose of all the junk in your rental properties.

Tenant & Rental Property Cleanouts

The tenants have moved out but they’ve left a mess! Taking the time to clean out a property in preparation for a new tenant can be incredibly time-consuming.

Apartment Cleanout Services

Clearing out apartments can be tricky business. We have the experience of carrying heavy items including couches, refrigerators, mattresses, and more down multiple floors of stairs. We always make sure we do not damage corners, door jams, elevators, and hallway walls.

Rental Home Cleanout Services

Depending on the tennant and length of time they’ve lived in the property the junk cleanup can be significant. It will not be easy to re-rent the property with all kinds of old, used junk and trash.

We can help you clean out all variety of rental home property including:

Single Family Rentals
Vacation Rentals
Cabin Rentals

Eviction Cleanouts in Temecula Valley

Evictions are volatile situations. Parties are not in agreement and someone is being forced to move. The result is often a scene of chaos.

Vandalism, junk, used personal belongings, and trash. An eviction cleanout can easily become a whole house cleanout.

The tremendous amount of junk remaining after an eviction is no challenge for our debris removal crews and large hauling trailers. 

We can pick up bagged or loose trash, mattresses, bed frames, couches, bookcases, old furniture, used appliances, e-waste, dirty carpet, and yard debris.

Junk Removal Services
for Real Estate Agents & Investors

Junk Removal for Sellers –
Move Out Cleanouts

You know these sellers… they need to remove A LOT of junk before the property is going to be ready to list. Prospective buyers need to see themselves in a home before they’re ready to buy.

If potential buyers can’t “see it”, then it stays too long on the market, increasing the chances of it selling far below asking price.

Never fear, K & B Junk Hauling is here to help. We will help you remove all the unwanted items such as furniture, fixtures, appliances, yard waste, clothes, junk, and clutter. With the home clear nothing will stand in the way of your sale.

Junk Removal for Buyers – Move In Cleanouts

You finally got a signed contract on your client’s “fixer upper.” But before it gets fixed up, the junk has to go!

We often work with agents, buyers, and sellers to complete junk removal as stipulation in a purchase agreement. This means the work must be completed before a sale can close escrow.

We understand the time sensitivity of junk removal to the smooth closing of a real estate transaction. Let us pick up that junk left by the seller and dispose of it properly.

Foreclosure Cleanouts
in Temecula Valley

In the months between when a family starts to fall behind on payments to the point where the property is ready to be sold again, most homes accumulate a lot of junk and trash.

Foreclosures are delicate scenarios dictated by law and contract. We work with all the stakeholders to respect the property and dispose of debris and junk appropriately. 

Common items we remove include old appliances, yard debris, clothes, trash. In extreme cases it is necessary to remove whole parts of the property such as doors, windows, toilets, bathtubs, decking, sheds, carpets, flooring, doors

Enhance your foreclosure properties by having us remove the junk and debris.

Sure buyers understand a foreclosure property is likely to have lots of deferred maintenance and some clutter, but the cleaner it looks the better they can envision themselves making a new home.

Often in the process of completing a foreclosure it becomes necessary to do hoarder cleanouts and squatter cleanouts.

You can read more about these services on our Complete Cleanouts page. 

    Junk Removal Services for Estate Executors

    After the loss of a loved one, there is the long painful process of sorting, selling, and disposing of their belongings.

    We have experience helping executors perform a complete estate cleanup.

    Learn more about our Estate Cleanout Services.

    Items We Do Not Accept

    Fuels like gasoline
    Car fluids like oil and antifreeze
    Pressurized containers
    Herbicides and pesticides
    Wet paint
    Bleach and cleaners

    Items too massive to lift safely
    Biohazard items
    Items located in dangerous areas
    Any other hazardous materials

    Important: While there are many things we can not accept, we have a large network of waste disposal partners who can pickup, cleanup, and dispose of nearly anything. Call us today for a referal at (951) 355-6893.

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