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If it’s been a while since you moved, you can forget about how much stuff a home can accumulate.

Most of the time people are moving the majority of their belongings from one property to another.

However there are a few special situations that occur on a regular basis that require an entire home (or nearly an entire estate) to be cleaned out.

We are experienced with large jobs like whole home cleanouts. Our cleanout crews will fill our extra large hauling trailers to the brim in no time flat.

Learn more about our specialized complete cleanout services below.

Estate Cleanouts
in Temecula Valley

If you find yourself as executor of an estate after the passing of a loved one we can help you remove the unsold belongings and left over junk.

It’s stressful enough with all the other new responsibilities. Before or after the Estate Sale, call us and we’ll remove the junk for you.

Executor of an Estate

We feel proud that we can help families through difficult times. The last thing you need to worry about is clearing out the house. We can also manage the project remotely for out-of-area executors.

Guardians & Professional Fiduciaries

The condition of an estate varies wildly, but it’s not uncommon for a new estate to be in rough shape. That’s when it’s time to call K & B Junk Haulers. We can remove the clutter, debris, and junk accumulated by an estate, big or small.

Whole Home Cleanouts
in Temecula Valley

Our A to Z services cover all your junk removal and hauling needs.

We go beyond just removing unwanted clutter and sweeping, we also provide all the heavy lifting, loading, hauling, and eco-friendly services.

    Hoarder Cleanouts in Temecula Valley

    Hoarding is a serious matter and we know that by the time you call us, you and your family have been dealing with a lot of emotions and pain.

    We are sensitive to the stress this whole process will cause and we do everything we can to complete the job as painlessly as possible.

    We are experienced with the process of cleaning out hoarder residences. These are large jobs and we have the labor and equipment to complete them.

    We offer full service junk removal including bagging!

    Squatter Cleanouts
    in Temecula Valley

    A squatter is a person who lives in a home with no legal claim to the property. They can not be removed immediately.

    The landlord must invoke eviction procedures to remove the squatters. The properties often become home to small groups avoiding homelessness and sharing drugs.

    A lack of respect for the property plus a combative relationship to the owner make for some gross scenes.

    Never fear… our complete cleanout specialists are up to the challenge of removing all the clutter and junk.

    Our pros leave behind an empty home swept clean of the squatters’ remnants.

    Garage Cleanouts Service in Temecula Valley

    Sometimes it’s not the whole house that needs the cleanout, but instead it’s just the Garage. Garages seem to fill with junk all on their own. As a result, some garage cleanouts feel like they are as big a project as a whole house cleanout. 

    Luckily for you when it’s getting too cluttered to park your car we can quickly and easily remove the junk and clutter from your garage. From just a few boxes to years worth of neglect, we can haul it away.

    Storage Unit Cleanouts Service in Temecula Valley

    Storage units were never meant to be permanent areas to store belongings. Unfortunately for too many that temporary situation that led to putting everything into a storage unit goes south. They either move the stuff immediately or have it sold at auction. 

    What about the stuff that goes unsold at the auction? That’s where the K & B storage cleanout crew comes in to do all the heavy lifting, removal, hauling and disposal.

    Pool Table Removal

    Playground Equipment

    Bed Frame Removal

    Playground equipment removal & disposal services

    Hot Tub Removal

    Couch & Sofa Removal

    Recliner Removal

    Piano removal & disposal services

    Piano Removal

    Large Safe Removal

    Lawn Mower Removal

    Items We Do Not Accept

    Fuels like gasoline
    Car fluids like oil and antifreeze
    Pressurized containers
    Herbicides and pesticides
    Wet paint
    Bleach and cleaners

    Items too massive to lift safely
    Biohazard items
    Items located in dangerous areas
    Any other hazardous materials

    Important: While there are many things we can not accept, we have a large network of waste disposal partners who can pickup, cleanup, and dispose of nearly anything. Call us today for a referal at (951) 355-6893.

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